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Purple Mountains Magesty by Stillwarm Purple Mountains Magesty :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 2 Golden Gate Sunset by Stillwarm Golden Gate Sunset :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 9 Optical Illusion by Stillwarm Optical Illusion :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 8 Moon In The Middle by Stillwarm Moon In The Middle :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 0 Calistoga in the Fall by Stillwarm Calistoga in the Fall :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 1 8 cloud carpet by Stillwarm cloud carpet :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 1 Redwood Sky by Stillwarm Redwood Sky :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 1 3 Skyscraper by Stillwarm Skyscraper :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 1 3 Guerneville sky2 by Stillwarm Guerneville sky2 :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 1 Guerneville Sky by Stillwarm Guerneville Sky :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 3
Silent Stare
Eyes glazed over, solemn stare,
They have taken all that thay can bare.
Darkness scares them, silence too,
Also beatings, black and blue.
No love was found for them today,
Only the strap has shown the way.
It scars their lives, all these hurts,
Makes them ask, which one is worse?
The pain within or the world out there?
Does anybody really care?
Their lives are tainted, either way,
As they pray for a better day.
Hearts are hardened, as they try,
Not to see the tears they cry.
Some get lucky, some do not,
Some are saved, others left to rot.
Weary souls, in ones so young,
Eyes cast downward, heads are hung.
Alone, defeated, afraid and worn,
Souls are tarnished, spirits torn.
Longing for someone to care,
To intervene, their burdens share.
Can we save each precious one?
Take their darkness, give them sun?
Give them hope from the despair?
Teach them how to love and care?
I see their eyes, the hollow space,
Aching for love to fill that place.
I pray we see them, for they are there,
Silently w
:iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 0
I sit in the warmth of the sun shining through
the top of the redwoods so tall and true
The rays reaching deeper as if they knew
that my soul has been cold
and my heart has been blue.
The sun has been set right in view
thoughts I'd hidden came rumbling through
now into the night with a vision of you
as the trees whisper a secret
in the wind as it blew.
The sky is calling for my soul to appear
the brilliance of light is perfectly clear
seeking heat from desire is nothing to fear
shaking if only from passion
how I wish you were here.
:iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 3
Phetus by Stillwarm Phetus :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 2 Unicorn Nebula by Stillwarm Unicorn Nebula :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 2 0
I chased you
until you caught me
I trapped you here
until you set me free
I held you so tight
still we drifted  to sea
fear breaking like waves
washing over me
loving endlessly always
never looked so lonely
Our storm now passing
all thats left is debris
lingering prizms of light
that  brought you to me
showing only a glimpz
through the darkness I see
floating pieces of our forever
lost in  eternity
:iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 2
Eject button avatar by Stillwarm Eject button avatar :iconstillwarm:Stillwarm 0 1


Hope Within by blast3r Hope Within :iconblast3r:blast3r 16 20 GlassBubbleSpace by boolaa GlassBubbleSpace :iconboolaa:boolaa 19 18



Artist | Digital Art
United States
Years have passed since I have been in here. I am in desprate need of updating this and taking down these aweful pictures and poetry..sheesh. I wonder why no one told me it sucked back then...haha. I will update in the coming days. Really good to see some of you!! Wow. I almost forgot how well I know some of you. I am a horrible friend I guess.
Okay. I will lighten up some on myself. I have had a few more surgeries...and I am doing well. I am a grandmother...and I even have some new-ish art. Definatly some better photos.
In the time I was away, Artcluster was put to rest. I suppose I will get over that someday. It was not me who let it die. I lost a lot of work in the gallery there. I guess that is only my fault.
I am off to get some housework done. Stop in and say hello!


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gooutinstyle Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2006
well in the waitin room waitin for news of you i hallucinated i could read your mind and i was on a lotta shit to but what i saw man... i tell you... it was freaky.... frea ea eaky.


why am i supposed to? i'm so tired.
GlitterSkin Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2006
thanks for the fave :)
gooutinstyle Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2006


i'm new here

shhh don't tell anyone...

gone in 60 seconds is easily one of the best movies ever.
natpantha Featured By Owner May 25, 2006
Hello, Random persons. =P
Yay Nickelback. ^^
boolaa Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2006
Thankyou for the fav!
blast3r Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey! Didn't know you were a deviant. :)
Onlooker1234 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks for visiting my page :)
you have a fun sense of humor :giggle:
TheLoneCookie Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
haha, thats good = D
You're welcome :D
anarchypress Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2005

NezumizDarkWish Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2005
*pokes* Where you go? :( You don't post stuff for the past two months...
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